Laboratorium - - PL - “Jonny Mansfield presents youthful, intellectual audacity, hardness, independence, and in a full sense even aggression, in the form of new ideas emerging from every corner”

Textura - - CA - “Like Wheeler, Ellington, and Schneider, Mansfield composes with the group in mind, careful to work solo space into big band material rich in polyphony and counterpoint.”

Rondo - - DE - “The cleverness with which Jonny Mansfield classifies the basic characteristics of this variety of styles in his personal sound makes "Elftet" an album full of allusions, whose diversity he bundles with his individual stylistic handwriting to create a great musical package.”

Jazz Magazine - Revelation! - FR - “The originality and the modernity of his arrangements and vibraphone playing create framework that his bandmates take pleasure to implement, projecting it brilliantly. 

Jazz Thing - DE - "in these refined, Ellington and Mendoza-influenced arrangements, no instrument is over-looked. Four horns provide a classic big band orientation, the more melodic parts reminiscent of old MPS recordings. An ambitious, impressive debut of elegance.”

All About Jazz - - UK - “There's something of a Mike Gibbs feel to Mansfield's compositions with some Loose Tubes sensibility thrown in for good measure, but none of these allusions detract from the sheer originality his music exudes. A promise of magnificent things to follow.”

Hi-Res Mac - - DE - “The instruments are always easy to locate, the space is well used and dense passages remain audible. This makes Elftet from Jonny Mansfield a great album.” 

Healthy Music Obsession - Top Albums 2019 -

Jazzwise - UK - “the promise of tunes such as ’T&C’s Apply’, ‘Flying Kites’ and ‘For You’. Mansfield suggests enormous promise for the future.”

Maria Schneider - “I listened and enjoyed it very much! Great playing as well.”