3. New Elftet Suite

Recently Elftet did two gigs (one at Guildhall School of Music's Basement and Toulouse Lautrec in Kennington), the main objective of the gigs was to play through a new suite called 'The Balmaclellan Suite (Tim Smoth's Big Day Out)'. The suite is roughly 40 minutes long, heres a little clip from the Toulouse gig - 

We'll be playing the suite at my final recital at the 606 Club, Chelsea on the 5th June.

2. Rehearsing new Jam Ex Material

We've started rehearsing new music for Jam Experiment's new album which we are recording at Giant Wafer Studio's in July. It's really exciting having Dom Ingham on board as he brings a new sound and energy to the mix, especially with a variety of pedals. Rory's also pedalled up so we're uncovering a load of new sounds. Here's a little clip of a recent rehearsal. Stay tuned...

1. Mixing

I thought it would be a good idea to write down whats been happening recently, for myself to look back on at some point but also maybe other people will find it interesting, maybe. 

On Sunday 11th Feb, Alex Bonney, Jim Hart and myself met up to finish mixing the Elftet album. We were able to get a mix that we're all happy with and it's sounding great, if I might say so myself! To start with I found it hard to detach myself from the compositions and my playing. Compositionally I learnt a lot in terms of whats audible in the bigger picture and I've been thinking about how to pull ideas out of textures by taking away rather than adding more. Now onto getting it mastered, exciting times. Heres a little video from Sunday -